Aquatic Planting

Apart from the aesthetical values and bringing nature closer to the garden; aquatic plants play a very important role in the removal of unwanted waste products such as Nitrate & Phosphate from the water.  Nitrogen and phosphorus are the biggest causes of algae and can be caused by detritus, faeces and urea from animals, micro-organisms, surface run-off or from tap water.  With a good source of nutrients; the aquatic plants will inevitably grow and they can grow fast!  Invasive aquatic plants can grow up to 20 cm per day in the right conditions and without the correct methods of maintenance in place helping to keep them under control will consequently result in exhausting the water of nutrients, so other more beneficial species will suffer, causing problems with water quality.

Aquatic Consultancy Ltd can provide help and assistance in identifying aquatic plants and advise on which species can help or hinder the biodiversity, we are also able to assist with the removal and introduction of aquatic plants following on from a site visit.