Design, Build & Maintain

From the initial survey and design to installation and maintenance; we regularly and are happy to work with other contractors and individuals that may have either started a project, not quite finished or are perhaps lacking in the knowledge and experience required, so decide to seek professional advice and assistance.  For designers & architects; we can provide assistance in writing project specifications and drawings.  If you would like us to recommend a contractor or even assist you with complete or part projects let us know and we will gladly help.

Aquatic Consultancy Ltd are able to offer support for many installations that might include;

  • Waterfalls & Streams
  • Water Features
  • Illumination & Fountains
  • Board-Walks, Bridges, Jetties & Walkways
  • Dams, Small Weirs & Silt Traps
  • Bog Gardens & Beaches
  • Filtration & Aquatic Plant Maintenance
  • Pond & Lake Maintenance