Equipment Specifications

Aquatic Consultancy Ltd can provide private individuals, contractors, designers & architects with detailed specifications for filtration equipment to ensure your pond, water feature or natural swimming pond remains healthy, clear and safe.  We are also able to offer advice for lighting, features such as floating fountains & aerators to increase oxygen saturation or simply to improve aesthetics.  It can be a costly mistake if equipment is not installed correctly or is insufficient for livestock quantities or water volume which can lead to cloudy or nutrient rich water and even livestock mortalities.

Aquatic Consultancy Ltd can provide solutions to fit many projects that may include;

  • Filtration Specification for Water Features & Garden Ponds
  • Pumps for Running Fountains & Waterfalls
  • Components to Aid Clarity of Natural Swimming Ponds & Pools
  • Koi Pond Filtration
  • Reed or Vegetable Bed Filtration
  • Specification for Aeration to Increase Oxygen & Prevent Algae
  • Floating Fountains for Large Ponds, Lakes & Golf Courses