Meet the Team

Andy McConnachie
Andy’s school days work experience was at Sparsholt College Hampshire and he was the only pupil at school who was interested in fish. Upon leaving school he decided to work at one of Europe’s biggest trout farms in 1994 which included river keeping for a prestigious fishery off the River Test where he gained relevant experience before returning to Sparsholt to study Aquatics & Ornamental Fish Management. It was at Sparsholt where he gained the majority of experience and found the love for water gardening, after completing the course he felt the need to continue his interests and went onto study Marine & Freshwater Biology at Colchester University. Andy spent 10 years designing and constructing aquariums, ponds and natural swimming pools in the UK and Europe for private and commercial contracts and in 2007 appeared on Channel Four’s Grand Design’s programme.  Andy has also been guest speaker on the BBC and writes for several gardening magazines and presents talks to garden clubs on water gardening, he also lectures at colleges on freshwater aquatic ecosystems and biodiversity.

Craig Baldwin
Craig has been working in the aquatics industry since the mid eighties and became Fisheries Manager for Lee Valley Regional Park Authority in 1989.  In 1998 he started lecturing at Sparsholt College Hampshire as Course Manager and Fisheries Facilities Manager for 10 years before moving to Cornwall.  In 2008 he joined Falmouth Marine School as Course Manager in Marine Biology & Ecology.  Craig is recognised across the industry for his knowledge and expertise in the aquatics field and still writes a number of articles for Practical Fish Keeping and Koi magazines.

Adam Yardley
Adam’s background includes over 16 years experience in pond, pool and commercial water feature installations. He also graduated from Sparsholt College Hampshire in 1996 in Aquatics and Ornamental Fish Management and has been constructing ponds ever since. Adam worked for one of the UK’s largest Koi farms and has produced many high grade Koi for aquatic shops across the UK for a number of years, this has also given him a very good understanding in fish health and diagnosis.  Adam lives in the Midlands and trades under Aqua Landscape Design, specialising in the construction and maintenance of ponds and water features.

Mark Wilson
Mark has been mad about fish and water all his life.  His budding interest developed into a part-time hobby.  He built his first pond when 11 on a pocket money/paper round budget.  Mark has learnt the hard way about fish keeping.  The information he gathered gave him an invaluable insight into how to work with nature (and not against it).  After leaving school Mark wanted to carry on and turn his hobby into a career and took up a course at Moulton College studying Horticulture.  This led Mark into getting a special interest in water plants and how certain aquatic plants grow.  After Moulton College Mark started working in the Aquatic retail trade selling coldwater fish and dry goods.   Mark wanted to further his education and gain more information about water plants so he started at Sparsholt College to study Aquatics and Ornamental Fish Management.  Mark lives in Northampton and trades under MJ Aquascapes also specialising in the construction and maintenance of ponds and water features.