Assistance with Aquatic Planting?

We are able to advise on, supply & deliver aquatic plants for ponds, lakes and natural swimming ponds & pools and aim to provide clients with aquatic plants that are suitable for their position and requirements, whether it’s aesthetical or for water quality purposes, such as reed beds and regeneration areas.  We can also provide planted Coir rolls with marginal aquatic plants used for bank stabilisation and rafts which will act as floating reed beds.  We can supply large aquatic plants which are grown in containers and cared for up to 3 years in which time the root systems have had time to form a mat; these mats are then either transplanted to containers or planted directly into the pond.  These make our plants more resistant to the elements and also help prevent bank erosion on larger natural ponds and lakes.  Smaller plants can also be provided and great selections of native ‘plug’ plants are available for smaller ponds or far larger planting schemes.  We will happily visit your site or discuss your requirements over phone or by email.