Problems with Natural Swimming Ponds?

There are many ‘systems’ that are used with various companies and we aim to provide assistance to clients that have had or are in the process of having a natural swimming pond or pool designed or built.  It can be a daunting experience and due to varying parameters in water conditions from differences in local water sources and sudden changes in climatic conditions, can lead to problems with water clarity and algal blooms.

Aquatic Consultancy Ltd provide help and assistance by conducting site visits which will include testing the water conditions and ensuring the correct biological filters are being used, especially aquatic planting, which seems to be one of the biggest problems.  Media to which the aquatic plants are planted into within the regeneration areas are often choked and suffer from siltation build up which lead to nutrient overload.  We can offer maintenance for clients and also advise on plant species which are best for natural biological filtration as well as providing safe, sustainable treatments to ensure your pond/ pool remains clean and clear.