Water Analysis

We offer bespoke water quality analysis for ponds, lakes, water features and natural swimming pools.

Water quality varies from one ecosystem to the next and depending on the parameters will determine whether you have a clear pond or a lake full of string algae.  Seasonal weather fluctuations will result in changes in the water chemistry and biodiversity of the pond, lake or natural swimming pool, together with levels of phosphate and nitrate will inevitably encourage algae to grow and poor visibility or choked water bodies.

The test from samples of water vary for each client, but typically we will test microbiology which will include E.Coli, Total Coliforms, Enterococci and Clostridium perfringens and inorganic chemistry which will measure over 4o parameters from water hardness to metals.

Upon receiving the results from a UKAS registered laboratory we will provide you with a detailed report.

We can also provide analysis for silt and object identification for unknown weeds or water quality problems including bacteria.

The process is simple;

  • Complete this simple online form.
  • We will make contact with you to either make a site visit or arrange to send you sample containers that can be returned to us.
  • A written report will be provided to you detailing the results.
  • Depending on the results; we will provide you with the best course of action.